For Gôdô-Ryū Karate Association documentation, please download and print the below forms and return completed to your club instructor. Alternatively, all documents can be obtained by contacting your club instructor directly. 

  • Licence Application Form

  • Membership Application Form

  • Gasshuku Application Form


  • Code of Conduct 

  • Child Protection Policy 

Association Structure 



Hanshi Paul Smith (8th Dan)

Shihan Ray House (6th Dan)      Shihan Neil Davidson (6th Dan)      Shihan Darren Mooney (6th Dan)

 Shihan Ollie Campbell (6th Dan)      Sensei Mark Boucher (5th Dan)      Sensei Del Phillips (5th Dan)      Sensei Shaun Harris (5th Dan)

Sensei Neil Crozier (4th Dan)      Sensei Mandy Smith (4th Dan)      Sensei Alec Hancock (4th Dan)      Sensei Elliot Dower (4th Dan)


Sensei Ross Bushell (3rd Dan)      Sensei Amy George (3rd Dan)      Sensei Jack Morris (3rd Dan)